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Get your brand into the hands of your team and customers with practical promotional items.

Promotional products

Showcase your brand with tailored design promotional products at home, events, in the workplace and more.


The perfect item to hand out at business functions or to gift potential customers and clients.


We sell a wide range of drinkware in various shapes and sizes for any occasion.


Premium quality, custom designed promotional keyring solutions for your business.


Practical office and business products that people will use, keep and appreciate.


Stand out from the crowd with custom branded business collateral and printing.


Unique customised promotional products for your business or next event.


Connect with new clients and increase your visibility with branded promotional technology products.


View our extensive range of premium branded bag solutions for any occasion.


Achieve custom branded health and personal care product solutions for your business.


Custom branding solutions for handy items including tape measures, multi-tools and more for your business.


Custom promotional leisure and recreation items for your businesses corporate gifts or giveaways.


Custom branded headwear solutions for any business, brand or team.

Premium quality

COG Promo is competitive with all our promotional products – and we don’t compromise quality. Our approach to promo merchandise ensures dependable first in class promo product designs and solutions.

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Production control

COG Promo uses the latest in promotional product manufacturing techniques. Our methodologies ensure we remain on budget and a remain a viable promo and brand marketing opportunity.

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Reliability assured

COG Promo uses the latest in promotional product manufacturing techniques. Our methodologies ensure we remain on budget and a remain a viable promo and brand marketing opportunity.

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The premium in Australian promotional products

COG Promo specialise in designing, producing and delivering first class quality promotional item for Australian businesses. Our online promotions company is supported by The COG Branding Group. This ensures we’re supported by the best in graphic designers, brand strategists, brand managers, logistics and production teams and above all we’re an Australian owned and operated business.
Deliver your business true innovative, dynamic and quality promotional products from by COG Promo. Promotional products have come a long way, and when delivered by a considered marketing strategy, promo products will deliver a lasting impression and build true brand equity and measurable results.
COG Promo understand that making a good impression with your trusted and new clients is imperative – thus our protocol to ensure with each promotional product we deliver against this promise is always key to the COG Promo approach. COG Promo are available online and on the phone during Australian business hours, and are ready to discus your promotional campaign and promo project. Our Sydney located promo team are product and branding specialists ready to assist you in choosing the most appropriate promotional products and approach for your project, and making sure we deliver on time and to budget. The COG Promo aim is to simply deliver your our customer a quality promotional solution that offers you audience a true memorable marketing experience. We know that your customers are valued and it’s the COG Promo promise to make sure your promotional merchandise conveys this notion.

Promo products are an effective branding activity that deliver a unique point of difference

Carefully selected promotional products need to be consistent with your corporate brand image and the brand creative direction to ensure through he line consistency. When executed with consideration to the broader brand and it’s communication methods, branded promotional merchandise can strengthen your brand and build all important brand equity. This combined with building more quality within a USP (unique selling proposition) offers any business and its brand a point of difference when measured against your competitors an unsurpassable opportunity to use Promotional Merchandise as a marketing tool. When COG Promo delivers our premium online promo service and our manufacturing of promotional products – our clients understand what exactly has made a difference and can see a true line between their success and their choice to do business with COG Promotion.
COG Promo understand that depending on your business, brand and target market, promotional merchandise does not need to be cheap and cheerful or outrageously expensive. The COG Promo strategy is to deliver a promo solution that matches the right promo product to the right marketing campaign, and also ensure it’s right for the target market. We also consider timing and also brand and marketing communications of the broader promo strategy to ensure you will achieve success.
Again, another benefit of COG promo is that we’re supported by The COG Branding Group. COG Promo is unique in the Australian Promotional products landscape. While we’re a leading source of customised promo products and offer dynamic and forward thinking advice – at our core we’re a marketing agency and know that promo products are a marketing function.
COG Promo offer a online shop to ideally have your ur customer save money. By increasing the autonomy for you it enable COG Promo to offer a most cost effective solution. Our Promo Products Online offer some low-cost tried and proven products, which re-ordering is a breeze, and enable you to create an online account to speed through checkout and get on with running your business. Of course COG Promo and our Sydney Promotions Team are ready to discuss and provide more customised and bespoke promo merchandise options.

Our Sydney promo business is focused on premium promo products, not low value junk. Welcome to the true value of promotional products

COG Promo are specialists in delivering customised promotional products that were once perceived as cheap, junky aimless giveaways. Promo Merchandise items branded with our customers company branding and marketing communications and messages are a high-value low cost marketing exercise. In the internet age with a lions share of marketing focus going towards Google and Facebook, the perceived quality of a tangible and real physical product has increased in value, and promotional products are realised as a powerful and effective marketing activity that can cut through to your targeted ideal audience. Our focus on premium promo products and promotional services are focused on engaging and stimulating loyal customers who you’d love to have engaging in your brand, but also new customer who are yet to have a relationship with. Targeting new potential new clients is also a key function of premium promo merch. New prospects that may be interested in your products and services because you know you have a product or service that can benefit them – if this first experience is memorable due tot he premium nature of the promotional item, then you have a brand advocate for life! COG Promo products are an accurate reflection of what our clients brands and businesses stand for. Everyone wants to pursues a high quality positioning in their mind – with COG Promo we can make it a reality.
COG Promo deliver some key service advantages which are focused on fast lead times and on trend-styles. What our promo product suite is also renowned for is the affordability of the more common promo items such as Bottle Openers, Business Cards, Caps, Usb Chargers, Confectionery, Conference Bags, Drink Bottles, Earbuds, Fidget Items, Flash Drives, Gift Bags, Hats, Headphones, Keyrings, Lanyards, Magnets, Mouse Mats, Note Pads, Pens, Pencils, Phone Cases, Coffee Mugs,Coffee Cups, Stationery, Stress Balls, Sunglasses, T-Shirts, Towels, Tote Bags, Trucker Caps, Usb Sticks, Visors, Wristbands. We’re focused on fast lead times for the above products though ideally we’re all about premium quality promotional products at affordable prices. We’re focused on fast lead times for the above products though ideally we’re all about premium quality promotional products at affordable prices.

Low priced promo merch with a premium quality

COG Promo will deliver competitive prices while not compromising the quality of the products themselves or the service itself. Quality promotional merchandise is hard too find, though our Sydney promotions business is different in that our focus is quality, our ideas are innovative and our service is dynamic. Come with us and out thought and action into a promotional campaign that is focused on building memorable branding and marketing experiences. Remember, if your promo campaign is focused on saving money it will perform as such – limited! COG Promo are experts at ensuring you get the best value from your marketing promo budget.
COG Promo are a unique supplier of promotional items to the Australian market. Our focus is that we offer practicality, dynamic solutions and innovation in promo products– we know what works. Our Sydney office delivers products to Australia and New Zealand – all types of businesses and all types of marketing briefs. with effective promo giveaways delivered in lead times that work for your campaign.

Exceptional service from industry experts

Contact COG Promo and brief us on your promotional ideas and thoughts. The COG Branding Group has a common thread throughout all our business units – highest quality in customer service. It never goes out of style and traditional business always wins. COG Promo understands our success is reliant on repeat business and first class products and services – simple really. Our expertise, service standards follow The COG Branding Group and its lead and it’s why COG Promo has been in business for over 10 years.