Our Sydney Promotional Product business offers a premium selection of Customised Promotional Audio Products with your brand identity printed on them. COG Promo are a professional team that make sure we deliver the highest quality promo audio merchandise at competitive prices in Sydney, Australia.

Our Promo Audio, Phone and Music product range is easily viewed in the website and above images, simply click your favourite business item, learn more on how to order online or over the phone with our Sydney promotional merchandise team. Call today! (02) 9523 6007

COG Promo know that Promotional Audio and iPhone / Smart Phone Products, and Technology promo products are a key functional product marketing activity that nurtures new business opportunities and creates leverage within your experiential marketing campaigns. Though what most brand managers struggle to do choose the right printed promotional Audio or technology item for their campaign, or forget that the customised promotional printed audio products need to have the artwork altered to fit the dynamic shape of a promo product such as promo headphones, promotional ear buds, promotional USB charging banks, promo speakers, promotional USB devices, and things like Selfie Sticks!

Introducing COG Promo and our Promotional Audio Products! Our focus is delivering his quality promotional Audio and Music products that is unique, good value and smart in aesthetic. We offer all sorts of business promotional items such iPhone speakers, Samsung Galaxy USB Speakers, Tablet Speakers, promo ear buds and headphones!

COG Promo Promotional Audio and Music Products Agency from Sydney make it easy for you – all you need to do is brief us what you’d like to achieve, choose your promo audio product and our promotional professionals will take care of the rest.

Together with your marketing objectives, the COG Promo creative flair and marketing experience will develop a customised promotional headphones, ear buds or USB speaker tailored for your brand and ensure it matches in perfectly with your brand identity and logo. We’re are dedicated and passionate team and we take pride in making sure your promotional product job is done accurately. Our South Sydney promo business has an deep well of creative flair as we’re supported by the COG Design silo of the COG Branding Group. Ensures a secure trusted and supportive network of career design and promotional professionals. The COG Branding Group is full service branding and marketing company. The 4 business units are COG Print, COG Design, COG Digital, COG Strategy. As a collective we’re all about Project Success for all our clients. Think of COG as an integral element to your businesses engine. You set us spinning and we deliver branding solutions. The COG Branding Group launched in 2008, today we service a international client base with all branding and marketing disciplines.

Our Sydney Promo Product Online Business is managed by experts that enjoy nothing more than studying your business and analysing your target market, then delivering outstanding results in a dynamic and creative way.