Quality Australian Promotional Bag Products.

COG Promo are the promo bag merchandise professionals. Our Sydney Agency design, produce and deliver first in class promotional bag products online for all Australian businesses.

COG Promo online promotions is supported by The COG Branding Group. This ensures we’re supported by the best in graphic artists, marketing strategists and production teams, and above all we’re an Australian owned and operated business that know old fashioned work ethic and pride never goes out of style.

Deliver your brand a true innovative and dynamic promotional bag product that communicates your brand message. Promotional products have come a long way, and we aim to continue take them further. COG Promo offer a online shop to ideally have you, our customer save money on your promo order. By increasing the autonomy for you it enables COG Promo to offer a most cost effective solution, and more bang-for-your-buck in your marketing campaign.

COG Promo deliver some key service advantages which are focused on fast lead times and on trend-styles. What our promo product suite is also renowned for is the affordability of the more common promo items such as Bags, Jute Bags, Laptop Bags, Lunch Bags, Other Bags, Paper Bags, Satchel Bags, Shopping Bags, Tote Bags and Wine Carriers. We’re focused on fast lead times for the above promo bag products though ideally we’re all about premium quality promotional products at affordable prices.

We’re a Sydney Australian based team sourcing promo bag items form a global production pool, COG Promo Products Online offer some low-cost tried and proven bag products, which re-ordering is a breeze, and enable you to create an online account to speed through checkout and get on with running your business. COG Promo and our Sydney Promotions Team are ready to discuss and provide more customised and bespoke promo merchandise bag options.

When your promotional campaign is delivered by a considered marketing strategy, promo products will deliver a lasting impression and build true brand equity and measurable results. Start with a free quote and discussion from our team by calling (02) 9523 6007 or email us on the website here.