By COG Promo / May 15, 2019

The Key Elements To Doing Promotional Bags The Right Way

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There Are 3 Key Mandatories When Designing Promotional Bags. Promo Bags can be amazingly effective and powerful as a branded marketing promotional item. Bags as a promo item are relatively easy to get right, though often the simple promo bag is produced and delivered completely wrong. Smart ideas and innovative concepts will ensure sure you get the best value and bang-for-buck for your promotional idea with COG Promo Bags.

What Are The Key Elements In Doing Promotional Bags The Right Way.

There Are 3 Key Mandatories When Designing Promotional Bags. Promo Bags can be amazingly effective and powerful as a marketing promotional item.

A COG Promo Promotional Bag is delivered in various styles while also delivering some key service advantages which are focused on fast lead times and on trend-styles. What our promo product suite is also renowned for is the affordability of the more common promo items such as Back Packs, Jute Bags, Laptop Bags, Lunch Bags, Paper Bags, Satchel Bags, Shopping Bags, Tote Bags and Wine Carriers.

We’re focused on fast lead times for the above promo bag products though ideally we’re all about premium quality promotional products at affordable prices. Bags are no longer a humble plastic bag that is choking our local turtle population, and handed out at every event like they’re worthless. A COG Promo Bag is a high end sophisticated branded product.

Promotional Bags as a promo piece are easy to get right, though often the simple Promotional Bags is produced and delivered completely wrong and had the value stripped out of it. Clever ideas and intuitive thought will make sure you get the best value and bang-for-buck for your promotional idea with COG Promotional Bags.


1) Align Your Promotional Bags To Your Target Client

Promotional Bags are really about expressing your business’ personality, but more so, communicating to your clients (or prospects) that you understand what they need and who they are. You can do that vis well executed and promotional strategic using bags that includes Back Packs, Jute Bags, Laptop Bags, Lunch Bags, Paper Bags, Satchel Bags, Shopping Bags, Tote Bags and Wine Carriers.

Promotional Bags are a perfect promo item for an event where the attendee will be offered other items. Bags are also great to have longevity. Think about reusable bags that have replaced single use grocery plastic bags. Once they’re in the household they’re used by up to 3 people over 20 times each!

Giving your targeted audience a promotional product that is actually useful will go much further in terms of resonating with them than a useless off-topic generic product that is not considerate to the environment or the marketing opportunity.

Think of your ideal customer – once you have that visualized crystal clear, select your emrobidery or labelling method and connect the Promotional Bags to them.

Most customers and prospects will appreciate some form of a promotional gift as a gesture, but, you’re aim is to land the next big, loyal customer who will do business with you long-term.

Of course, it’s not just about how well the bag product functions, but also about aesthetic and style. In a ecological aware world where sustainability is key, Promotional Bags have become more of a functional item to replace single use Promotional Bags from the supermarket that used to be used only as promo item. Match the style of the custom Promotional Bags to your ideal client to make your brand memorable.

If your client or prospect receives your branded Promotional Bags and questions, “What the hell will I use this for?”… you’ve missed the mark and created a negative impression of your brand. So there needs to be a smart approach. Eliminate the risk by being tactical and strategic in your promo bag choice.

The simple rule in marketing is that anytime a potential customer has a thought involving your brand, that association should be positive.

To make things simple, we’ve organised our Promotional Bags to make selecting the right choice much easier.


2) The Delivery Needs To Be Flawless
Choosing the most expensive (or the cheapest) Promotional Bags because you want to impress or you want save a buck is a fail.

While your ready to choose Promotional Bags to market your brand… the delivery is only half way there.
You need to start from your customers position and not yours. Prior to ordering your new promotional Bags online or on the phone, you need a dedicated and considered marketing plan for ensuring your new Promotional Bags end up in the hands of the right customers and people – and more importantly, used! Any marketing plan will include a budget, and here you need to allocate a portion of your promo Bags campaign budget to this component. COG Promo know if you skimp here your promo Bags marketing campaign may achieve mediocrity – which is why COG Promo is here to assist.

Strategically targeting your marketing campaign increases the likelihood of a targeted customer / individual into taking action with your brand and business. Importantly this strategy also decreases negative perception of the typical promo Bag. This form of promotional marketing is popular and you need to leverage every bit of it to make it a success in a competitive market. If we fail here then the Promotional Bag can be received as an unwanted piece of junk or irrelevant promo bag used to fill up with other junk – this ends in a negative pursuit of building brand equity and brand success.

When it comes time to design and order your branded Promotional Bags, you will need to consider the basics such as what promotional Promotional Bags style will fit the brief, and how high the quality of the Promotional Bags is most appropriate. Selecting where the Promotional Bags will function such as outdoors, the gym or on the daily commute is key. Think about if the Promotional Bags will live its life in the garage or in the hands of a daily commuter to work, or will it be used to carry footy boots to training every week?

Making this decision is made clear when you think client first – meaning how will your customer use the product?

First consider their needs and how they’ll use the Promotional Bags. Remember, it’s a gift so if should be as considered as a gift you’d buy your Mum or Dad. You need to consider that you’re targeting the preferred client – the desired Promo Customer! Spending time on your promotional strategy perfecting your delivery can deliver results that not only elevate the success of your Promotional Bags marketing but also deliver insights about your target market. It’s never too late to implement new insights and revert back to Step 1 and reshape your promotional marketing accurate and high powered! Remember – your results here are what it impacts.

COG Strategy can offer assistance with product campaign strategy and COG Digital are experts at analysing data via analytical tools available online – vital in discovering new opportunities to narrow in on your targeted demographic.

Allocating time and effort towards in your Promotional Strategy can be the difference in your promo Bag marketing campaign smashing the expectations.

The key to this component of promo marketing is to begin with a dataset and organised information about your prospects and ideal target customers first. If you’re targeting people who you already have some basic contact information for such as email addresses etc, introduce behaviours that will have you automatically categorising this customer data into spreadsheets (Save in Google Drive as ‘Sheets’ for easy Cloud-based recall) so you can use your data and lists time and time again.


3) You Must Make The Purpose Of Your Bag Obvious!
Function is key, it’s what separates the junk from the gold.

The marketing strategy is one thing, the function is the third most important factor in Promotional Bag campaigning.

Question, do your Promotional Bags have an actual purpose to serve?

Would you deliver a custom designed Promotional Bag that does not have an obvious function to offer?

Take all the standard products you use everyday – they all have a key purpose. Most people gradually cycle out the products that are low value and provide little function. Hence the ‘Spring Clean’. Rarely do people hang on to items that are useless. This applies directly to the selection of bags for your promotional merchandise, and yes promo Bags!

Your customer (or target audience) has your branded  Promotional Bags over their shoulder… now what?!

This whole Promotional Bags promotion activity has been based on the actual steps this person will take after immediately receiving this Promotional Bag. Imagine if they grab it, fill it with stuff importan tto them, phone, keys, wallet, banana, take it to their gym, then on the train with them to work… BANG! 50 people have seen it, and half of them more than once!

If the Promotional Bag is not the ultimate most amazing promotional Promotional Bags they’ve ever had, that feels glorious in their hands AND is a pleasure to drink from, then you need to think harder. A classic bag will make a person get on a phone call, search for something on the Google machine, or best of all – keep it because they feel it too good to throw away or discard. Just because its free promo merchandise piece shouldn’t lower the entry point of how the recipient will immediately feel about it when they get it in their hands.

Recognising that the promo Bags will likely be a free, well-placed, timed, and thoughtful gift is the most powerful opportunity and characteristic of your promo Bag, its only logical to request action from the recipient right?! Welcome to the CTA (Call To Action).


When your Promotional Bag campaign strategy has determined the desired function and targeted customer, you’ll then have an audience that knows how to reach your business and what your brand represents. That’s the core of what you’re doing with this whole promo Bags campaign… connecting to your customer and saying, “Enjoy this free product, it’s from our brand. We know you exist and appreciate you. Please consider contacting us if you need our services.”

When you Promotional Bags fails with a clear Call To Action, the customer could simply assume you’re a Promotional Bag manufacturer (or other promotional merchandise), without making the mental connection that this item is a gift – and then your campaign is a fail.

Push for the Call To Action – its what sets you apart from your competitors. The more consideration, research, strategy and marketing function you include into the design and delivery of your custom Promotional Bags, the more chance you’ll have a campaign success – and that’s what COG Promo can help your brand with.

In Summary
Follow this methodology when planning out your printed Promotional Bag campaign to avoid spending hard earned money on a marketing campaign fail.

With each step, consider any implications it has regarding previous steps, and revisit them as needed until all 3 work together as one promo campaign. Design for your target, take proper aim, and have a desired result specified.

COG Promo makes doing promo Bags easy – though it isn’t without help. And that’s what we’re here for! Building your client base with promotional marketing methods is proven to be successful, so do it right with COG Promo.