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The Brief

The COG Promo approach to corporate promotional products is to start with the end product and the end recipient, and then work backwards from there – this functions as a reverse brief. For this project we need to ensure the broader objective of creating custom promotional products remained in sight. We audit, research, plan and assess – all before any design commences and any promo specifications are set.

The Corporate Promotional Products by COG Promo Agency Sydney is a comprehensive excursion into how you can deliver a diverse range of useful and classy promo products. The actual product focus was to provide the most appealing well considered delivery of useful products to ensure a new audience would be stimulated to engage in a relationship with the business itself.

A key part of this project was the to honor the design, the product and the classy and sophisticated brand positioning of Hydroflux. To achieve this the Promotional Products would be the core key element in meeting this brief and the required tactile experience.

The Client

The Hydroflux Group is made up of established privately, owned Australian business dedicated to all aspects of water and wastewater treatment management systems. They service Australia via offices in Sydney and Melbourne, the Pacific region via their Fijian office and Europe via their established UK business.

The Hydroflux Group has extensive experience along with the product range and services they offer to their customers covers all the requirements for design or provision of solutions, equipment and services within the industrial and municipal treatment sectors. Their experience in the water and wastewater field is first class and sets an example for others to follow. They’re a business you can depend on.



The COG Branding Solution.

Hydroflux approached COG Promo with a brief to deliver the full corporate suite of promotional products for the business to take to events, tradeshows and general company distribution.

A neat, clear and concise delivery of event and promo product solutions was required by the Hydroflux brand. At a high level the promo products and marketing solutions for Hydroflux required strict adherence to the event and brand guidelines and had a fixed budget. Hydroflux Promotional products are an extremely effective tool for increasing brand awareness. Providing a huge number of impressions on a regular basis for the Hydroflux brand, knowing that promotional products were ranked as the number 1 most effective form of advertising to prompt action across all generations, the Hydroflux Promotional Product suite would carry the brand across a platform outside of traditional digital and print mediums.

The Results

A first class corporate promotional product suite that has been distributed globally … Project Success!

We’re proud to present Hydroflux their own customised promotional product line! We loved working on the promo projects for Hydroflux, we have put together a curated selection of high quality customised Hydroflux promotional products. These products are versatile and can be used by the Hydroflux team or gifted to Hydroflux customers, clients and partners.

Main Challenges

Whether you are starting your first project or have a lot of experience, one thing is for certain nothing that is worth doing is easy, nor is it meant to be. All projects have challenges and people rely on COG Promo for our astute and confident project management.

Our team proactively engages with our clients during the project planning phase to ensure we meet the exact requirements as well as understand the expectations.

Corporate Entity

High end and conservative brand position

Corporate and Water theme

Numerous project stakeholders

From The Client

“COG Branding are a great reliable and innovative provider of high value and top quality promotional products.”
Adrian Minshull, Director.