By COG Promo / Mar 26, 2019

The Top 3 Things To Get Right In Promotional Calculators

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Push for the Call To Action - its what sets you apart from your competitors. The more consideration, research, strategy and marketing function you include into the design and delivery of your custom Calculators, the more chance you'll have of campaign success - and that's what COG Promo can help your brand with.

These Top 3 Things Are What You Need To Get Right In Promotional Calculators.

These Are The Important Elements To Consider When Ordering Promotional Calculators. Calculators can be amazingly effective and powerful as a marketing promotional item – the project just needs careful thought, innovative thinking and promotional marketing help from COG Promo.

Though in more recent times Keyrings are handed out all over the place at every event like they’re not worth much – while perhaps low cost a promo keyring has great brand value if done right.

Welcome to expert brand strategy and promotional marketing with COG Promo!



Calculators as a promo piece are easy to get right, though regularly the simple promo Calculators is manufactured and delivered so very wrong. Smart ideas and dynamic thought will make ensure you get the best value and bang-for-buck for your promotional idea with COG Promo Calculators.

1) Create Your Calculators With Your Target Client At Front of Mind.

Promotional Calculators are really about expressing your business’ character assets, but also communicating to your customers and audience that you understand them. COG Promo do that with executing a promotional strategy as part of your broader marketing campaign, and of course including Calculators as the punch line.

Calculators are a perfect promo item for a product launch or marketing a brand. Giving your targeted audience a promotional product that is actually useful will go much further in terms of resonating with them, as opposed to a cheap irrelevant generic product that is bad for the environment and even worse for the marketing opportunity.

Think of your perfect customer – once you have that visualized crystal clear, select your customised Calculators with them, again at the front of your mind.

Most of your audience and customers will appreciate some form of a promotional gift as a gesture, but, you’re aim is to land the next high yielding A-Grade customer who will do business with you long-term, and be a brand advocate.

Of course, it’s not all just about how great the product functions, but it’s also about aesthetic and style. In a ecological aware world where sustainability and environmental awareness is key, Calculators have come a long way in manufacturing and materials, and also more of a functional item such as the inclusion of promo rulers and promo pencil cases as promo items. Match the style of the custom Calculators to your ideal client to make your brand memorable.



If your client or prospect receives your promotional Calculators and immediately feels emotional switched on – wouldn’t that be ideal? Sounds great but it’s actually what many brands and businesses miss out on as they perceive a cheap promotional keyring as just that, cheap. Though COG Promo promotional Calculators are actually high end premium marketing pieces that deliver brand equity and emotional reactions.

The empowering rule in marketing is that anytime a potential customer has a thought involving your brand, that association should be positive – and promotional Calculators are an opportunity to deliver this.

To make things streamlined, we’ve organised our promotional Calculators to make selecting the right choice much easier.

2) The Delivery Needs To Be Accurate And Superior.
Stuffing your Calculators into plastic satchel and throwing it in the mail is going to be a waste of a great opportunity.

While your Calculators are stylish… the actual physical delivery is only half way there.
Prior to ordering your new promotional Calculators online or over the phone with COG Promo, you’ll need a smart and neat marketing plan to ensure your new Calculators end up in the hands of the right customers and people – and more importantly, used!


Any marketing plan will include a budget, and here you need to dedicate a portion of your promotional Calculators campaign budget to this component. COG Promo know if you skimp here your promo Calculators marketing campaign may achieve mediocrity – which is why COG Promo is here to assist.

Strategically targeting your promotional marketing campaign increases the rate of a targeted customer / individual into taking action with your brand and business. Importantly this strategy also decreases negative perception of the typical promotional Calculators. This type of promotional product marketing is popular and it’s important to leverage every bit of it to make it a success in a competitive market. If we fail here then the promotional Calculators can be received as an unwanted office junk or irrelevant promo gift filler that delivers a detrimental effect in the pursuit of building brand equity and business success.

In the design of your customized logo Calculators, you will need to consider the basics such as what promotional Calculators style will fit the brief, and how high the quality of the promo Calculators is most appropriate. Selecting where the promotional Calculators will function such as the desk, or in the car, or even in a show bag. Think about if the Calculators will live its life in the office desk junk drawer, or as a complimentary piece to a C-Suite and their BMW Keys.


Making this decision is made clear when you think client first – meaning how will they use the product?

First consider their needs and how they’ll use the Calculators. Remember, it’s a marketing item so if should be as considered as important as a billboard or a website! You need to consider that you’re targeting the preferred customer – the desired Promo Customer! Spending time on your promotional strategy perfecting your delivery can deliver results that not only elevate the success of your promotional Calculators marketing but also deliver insights about your target market. It’s never too late to implement new insights and revert back to Step 1 and reshape your promotional marketing accurate and high powered! Remember – your results here are what drives the end success rate of your promo campaign.

COG Strategy can offer assistance with product campaign strategy and COG Digital are experts at analysing data via analytical tools available online – vital in discovering new opportunities to narrow in on your targeted demographic.

Allocating time and effort towards in your Promotional Strategy can be the difference in your promo Calculators marketing campaign smashing the expectations.

The key to this component of promo marketing is to begin with a dataset and organised information about your prospects and ideal target customers first. If you’re targeting people who you already have some basic contact information for such as email addresses etc, introduce behaviours that will have you automatically categorising this customer data into spreadsheets (Save in Google Drive as ‘Sheets’ for easy Cloud-based recall) so you can use your data and lists time and time again.

3) You Must Include Elegant Branding!
It’s gotta be neat, meet brand style guides, classy and it has to be appealing to touch.

The marketing strategy is one thing, the communication is the third most important factor in promo Calculators campaigning.

Question, do your promotional Calculators have an actual point to make?

Would you deliver a custom designed Calculators that does not have key obvious point to make? Such as representing your car you drive, your favourite football team or a charity you care deeply about.

Take all the standard marketing channels, television, radio, internet ads – rarely do they ever get as close to you as a key ring or bottle opener. This applies directly to promotional marketing and promotional merchandise, and yes promo Calculators!

Your customer (or target audience) has your logo branded Keyring and Bottle Opener in their hand… now what?!



This whole Calculators promotion activity has been based on the actual steps this person will take after immediately receiving this Calculators. Ideally if it’s of great quality it should last years and not become beaten up and discarded. Imagine if they grab it, add it to their life key set, keep it for years in the hip pocket… WOW! Imagine the brand recall this offers over ten years of service!

If the Calculators is not the ultimate most amazing promotional Calculators they’ve ever had, that feels glorious in their hands AND is a pleasure to have as their key mascot, then you need to think harder. A classic Calculators will make a person love their numbers within their brand identity, be proud to represent the brand in their home or best of all – keep it because they feel it too good about it to throw it away or discard it. Just because its free promo merchandise piece shouldn’t lower the entry point of how the recipient will immediately feel about it when they add it to their personal accessories.

Recognising that the promo Calculators will likely be a free, well-placed, timed, and thoughtful gift is the most powerful opportunity and characteristic of your promo Calculators, its only logical to request action from the recipient right?! Welcome to the CTA (Call To Action).

When your promo Calculators campaign strategy has determined the desired function and targeted customer, you’ll then have an audience that knows how to reach your business and what your brand represents. That’s the core of what you’re doing with this whole promo Calculators campaign… reaching out to the customer and saying, “Enjoy this free product, it’s from our brand. We know you exist and appreciate you. Please treat our brand with respect, and tell your friends about how much your care about it.”

When you promotional Calculators fails with a clear Call To Action, the customer could simply assume you’re a Calculators manufacturer (or other promotional merchandise), without making the mental connection that this item is a gift – and then your campaign is a fail.

Push for the Call To Action – its what sets you apart from your competitors. The more consideration, research, strategy and marketing function you include into the design and delivery of your custom Calculators, the more chance you’ll have of campaign success – and that’s what COG Promo can help your brand with.

In Summary
Follow this methodology when planning out your printed Calculators campaign to avoid spending hard earned money on a marketing campaign fail.

With each step, consider any implications it has regarding previous steps, and revisit them as needed until all 3 work together as one promo campaign. Design for your target, take proper aim, and have a desired result specified.

COG Promo makes doing promo Calculators easy – though it isn’t without help. And that’s what we’re here for! Building your client base with promotional marketing methods is proven to be successful, so do it right with COG Promo.